Go Digital

Digital is disrupting industries and erasing boundaries between them.

Indian executives strongly believe that industry boundaries are being blurred and new paradigms are emerging.
CSOs believe that digital will rapidly change their company’s industry.

Digital startups are upsetting the existing order, scaling 10 times faster than their competitors.

companies on the S&P 500 Index will be replaced by tech-savvy companies by 2027.
was invested by Indian and foreign investors in startups in 2015, up 68% from US$5 billion in 2014.

Large companies are scampering to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Indian firms believe that they are in the middle of a digital business transformation.

Collaboration helps big companies inject new technology and fresh ideas into their innovation process. For entrepreneurs, it holds the promise of faster commercialization of their products and services. Organizations plan to collaborate with:

New digital partners from outside their industry


Startup outside their industry


We are a bridgemaker!

We enable enterprises and startups to cross the barriers and work together to create more powerful solutions.

Our role as a bridgemaker:

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India on the Innovation Path: Bringing alive “Innovation”

Accenture India - Live Environment for Innovation

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Innovation in our DNA

We pursue innovation relentlessly by:

Bringing innovation to our clients.

Helping our clients apply innovation.

Applying innovation within Accenture.

Accenture Innovation Framework

Culture Network Clients Employees Startups

A “need-driven innovation” culture where employees are empowered to innovate through three steps:

  • Inspire communication.
  • Ignite innovation.
  • Celebrate talent.

A three-tiered network comprising of an executive-level council, curators and catalysists. The aim of the network is to drive innovation and identify valuable ideas.

Brings together tools to gather, select, develop and market the best ideas internally.

University Research: Accenture Tech Labs collaborates with leading technology institutions such as MIT in the United States, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, BITS Pilani and IISc Bangalore.

Platform Process Universities Government

Innovation Ecosystem

Culture Network Platform Process Clients Employees Startups Universities Government

Co-innovation with clients

We co-innovate with clients to generate strong business outcomes at a faster pace.

In 2015, we conducted 44 innovation workshops with clients and created 435 innovative ideas.

Innovation programs within Accenture

At the Accenture Delivery Centers for Technology, we incubate the best ideas and build market-relevant tools and capabilities around them.

Our innovation contest in 2015:

Registered 5,500+ ideas in the Harvester tool

Developed 60+ intelligent tools, and 25 are in the pipeline

Created an innovation network of 900+ members

Innovation through partnerships

Thought leadership

We have collaborated with Nasscom, IBM, Google, Infosys and Microsoft for a whitepaper mapping technological trends in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cognitive computing, IoT, automation and robotics.
We have published thought leadership on open innovation for Indian enterprises as well as promoted open innovation via Accenture Business Journal for India.

Accenture can connect you to the larger innovation ecosystem to help you become the next big disruptor

Know more about the Accenture Open Innovation program at

Collaboratively, we win.

Let’s fuel innovation and move from being disrupted to leading the disruption, together!

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By identifying start-ups with enterprise-ready technology solutions and building connections with ecosystem partners, such as accelerators, VCs, PEs, academia, and industry bodies like CII, NASSCOM and iSpirit.

This curates the best technology products and platforms in specific areas, e.g. IIot, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mobility, Gamification, Customer Experience, and Cyber Security.

Driving innovation internally in Accenture: e.g. gamified L&D using Knolskape and HackerEarth for supporting hackathons and sourcing digital talent (recruitment platform).

Collaborating with start-ups to support Accenture's Digital offering development: e.g. IoT (iBoT, Flutura), Mobility (CanvasFlip, dronaHQ, upshot, headspin), Artificial Intelligence (senseforth, Fluidmotions, madstreetden), and New IT (Relevance Labs, wavemaker).

We take Indian start-ups to the global market: e.g. touchless sales order processing for a global FMCG major with the start-up Pixuate.

We bring global start-ups to the Indian market: e.g. bringing ESKER, a French start-up to help an FMCG company in India to automate invoice processing; UiPath, a Robotics process automation startup from Europe for banking and telecom clients in India.

Mentoring startups in India, e.g. through Fintech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific. The accelerator program brings together financial technology start-ups and world leading financial institutions.

Collaborating with start-ups to differentiate our security offerings in the IoT market: e.g. Uniken, Appknox, and Rank Software.

Accenture Innovation Jockeys is a campus program to inspire innovative ideas among students and to identify new talent. The program has conducted 4 seasons in partnership with Yahoo India and received 2,450 submissions in the 2015 contest.

The Government of India’s Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY) partnered with Accenture to manage a Center of Excellence (CoE) for the Internet of Things in Bangalore.

University Research: Accenture Tech Labs collaborates with leading technology institutions such as MIT in the United States, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, BITS Pilani and IISc Bangalore.